You can find quick-setting joint compound and basic drywall-finishing tools, along with Sheetrock drywall repair clips in most retail building-supply stores. For example, like the stores for drywall repair Orange County.

With quick-setting joint compound, you can apply multiple coats over the course of just a few hours—ample time to complete most drywall repairs.

Fill broken areas with the quick-setting joint compound and paper drywall tape. Wait the recommended length of time, and then coat the area again with a fresh batch of joint compound. Sand the area lightly with 150-grit sandpaper to complete the job.

Quick-setting joint compound comes in several varieties, each with a specific setting time. For small repairs, five minutes is enough. For larger repairs, give yourself at least 90 minutes.

The joint compound dries quickly, so it is essential to clean your tools and equipment after each coat in order to avoid a difficult cleanup or ruined tools.

Follow the mixing directions on the package exactly, or the product may be difficult to work with. Also, remember to use clean, room-temperature water to make the joint compound mixture.

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