Aluminum and Vinyl Paint

Save time and energy avoiding the common pitfalls of painting aluminum and vinyl siding by getting it done right the first time! At Perfect Touch Custom Painting we guarantee our work 100% so you can rest assured that your aluminum siding won’t wash off in a chalky mess or peel and fade soon after the job.

We remove all dirt, grime, and any previous paint. After this, we normally use a pressure washer to effectively clean the surface, often adding TSP or other cleaning solutions to help prevent future grime, algae and mildew. Then we allow the exterior to dry completely (usually 5-7 days in sunny weather) before proceeding. A de-glosser is also normally applied to help the paint adhere easily and more effectively.

Issues can also occur with vinyl or aluminum siding because of improper, or lack of, priming. Perfect Touch’s team of professionals makes sure the job is done right by applying a good quality primer which allows for the initial coat to bond to the siding.

Normally, the primer is applied to the entire exterior to give it a nice, smooth look.
The paint you choose is very important with any paint job. Selecting the right type of paint will determine if you need one or two coats after the base coat is applied. A higher quality exterior paint will also help to avoid future paint issues and may even nullify the need for a primer. Perfect Touch Custom Painting offers a free consultation to help you decide those all important decisions before the job begins.

For any help whatsoever, make sure that you give Perfect Custom Painting a call. As a family owned and operated business, Perfect Touch Custom Painting takes the time to make sure you know you’re your options and provides the most professional help that you can ask for.