Decorating with Colors

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You do not need to contact a top interior decorator or interior decorator service to get that Home and Gardens look you want to Paint the walls of your bedroom or living room Tiffany blue or

Turquoise as a background for a white tufted headboard or white living room furniture for a contemporary interior decorator look. Dark hardwood floors scattered with white faux fur rugs or thick, white wall-to-wall carpets are a beautiful complement to the blue or turquoise walls. Hang a black chandelier filled with crystals in the center of the room and place black chandelier lamps on the bedside or occasional tables.

Bold, oversized artwork and Venetian etched mirrors decorate the walls and black and white patterned throw pillows dot the furniture to complete your Hollywood glam home interior and will looks as if you hired a professional interior decorator.

Assemble mismatched furniture that complements each other to create a shabby chic home interior. Light colored walls blend with carpeted, tiled or hardwood floors to create a neutral palate for overstuffed seating covered in solid white, pastel or tiny floral fabrics. Shabby chic decorations also include distressed white or whitewashed tables and furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom decor. Add romantic touches like a white wrought iron chandelier with crystals and beads, tiered candle holders and an ornate, but distressed, white mirror made of metal to complete the decorations.

Clean lines, bold colors and metal accents highlight a modern home interior. A white leather sofa, long and sleek, paired with an oversize glass coffee table fits a modern living room while leather platform beds or short and simple posts work in a modern bedroom. Black hardwood or ceramic floors with plush rugs contrast with the white walls to make a striking modern design statement. Bold accent colors dress the room using artwork, drapes and throw pillows. Invite a local interior decorator to impressive him or her with the talents you have

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